Groundhog day 2011

Posted by Katie on February 02, 2011
Chicago, Winter

Come visit us in Chicago!!

We have a little bit of snow.

20.2 inches to be exact…the third largest accumulation of snow in Chicago history.  And with 70 mph winds and thundersnow (yes, this is real), last night was a bit scary.

This is what we woke up to this morning…more accurately, this is what Dave woke up to this morning.  The company I work for called a proper snow day.  And while Dave’s company also suggested that people remain safe and inside, he is in the middle of a production project that required his attendance this morning.

So he commuted to work in the snow this morning…while I stayed at home doing a bit of work and taking a proper snow day nap.

Uh, dear landlord…we need to talk about some insulation issues.  This was the scene in the foyer this morning.  The very strong wind blew snow through the door.

And while we’re at it, can we also talk about the purple walls please?  Never mind, actually, I don’t want to argue with Ukrainian interior decorating techniques.

This was the scene at all of our windows.

After Dave was able to leave work early today, we ventured out for a little snow day fun.  Yes, he is standing up in this picture.

This was pretty much the view around the city.

I put my ski garb to good use.

And made a good old fashioned snow angel.

After some persuasion, Dave joined in the fun.  Ultimately it was a fun day to goof off on a Wednesday and enjoy the snow.

Being tall is a significant advantage in deep snow.

Oops…someone lost a bumper.

Seriously, come visit us!

7 Comments to Groundhog day 2011

  • I get cold just looking at your pictures!
    Maybe Dave should get some snow pants. Jeans aren’t very warm in snow. 😉

  • They didn’t shut down the L, but the train I rode had a plow on the front. I stood in the first car, and could see out the front window. The rails were completely covered, only the third rail was above the snow.

    I do have snow pants, but it was so much effort moving around in those drifts I wasn’t getting particularly cold. I do have “Icelandic” wool socks, which help a great deal in really cold weather, but are total overkill when the temps are over 20.

    It was really weird going to work on Wednesday – there was a sort of post-apocalyptic feel to the whole thing, with no cars, just a few people, and so quiet because the snow dampens all the noises.

    But having grown up in sunny SoCal, I can’t help getting excited every time it snows. I’m glad I got to experience a record-setting blizzard, and that there were no major catastrophes associated with it.

  • Wow! I’m glad you guys are surviving all of that. I don’t think anything would be overkill when the temp is 20 degrees. Shoot… I’m a wimp when it comes to 60 degrees. lol!

  • As I walked to the train this morning it was -7, no factoring in wind chill. Funny thing is some stranger offered me a ride to the train randomly, and I took it…Mom with a couple kids for the record, nothing creapy. Don’t get in a stranger’s car kids!

    And when I got out of work today and it was 15, it kinda didn’t feel that bad…all relative.

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