#14 – Done.

Posted by Katie on April 10, 2011
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#14 – Get an eye exam.

This did get done this winter…with kinda mixed results.  The good news is that I passed all of the physical eye tests.  My vision is better than 20/20.  The challenge, however, is that I didn’t get answers to any of my concerns.  I know that my vision has changed in the last couple of years.  Just ask any of my coworkers…they will all complain that I save documents at 130% size.  And I’ve always had floaters, but they now get stuck in my direct line of sight, while that never happened before.

I really wan’t pleased with the opthomologist that my general practicioner referred me to.  Three hours in the office, and about four minutes with the actual doctor, didn’t seem cool.  I will not be going back.

Not sure what my next step is here.

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  • I’ve had floaters — they come and go, and move around. The other day one was in my direct line of sight, but it moved. I don’t know what they signify. If you’re concerned I would definitely look for another eye doctor. See if any friends have good recommendations.

  • I have a lot of floaters…like 25 or 50 at any given time…I can’t exactly count…but I always see them. Anyhow, my concern is that they now get stuck in my direct line of sight. It used to be that I could never focus on any of them, they would always move off to the side.

    Second opinion sounds like the right thing.

  • If you shift your eyes back and forth, do the floaters move around, even for a short time? If they float out of the way, even if they come back, they’re behaving normally. If they’re stuck in one position, that may be more of a problem. I lots of have floaters and some of them can be a nuisance, but it’s normal for us to get them when we’re older. They’re bits of matter that slough off from the back of the eyeball as we age. Twenty-five to 50 does seem like a lot at your age, though. Are they very big?

    Did your ophthalmologist put drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils, and then did he use a bright light to examine inside your eyes? That way he could see the floaters himself and determine if they’re the sign of a particular problem, as well as check the health of your retina. If he didn’t, I would definitely see another ophthalmologist.

    As for your vision seeming to change, you may have eye fatigue from looking at the computer screen for long periods of time. Can you put a shield on your monitor to cut down the glare? I have special glasses I wear for using the computer that have the right focal length and are tinted to reduce the glare of the screen.

  • The vision fatigue is definitely a concern…especially with a job with a lot of computer hours…although I will say that this silly doc told me that the fatigue was “a product of my imagination.” Ok, yeah, second opinion, I hear you!

    The volume of floaters…it has always been that way! Even as a kid I remember my Mom not believing me when I told her I saw “ghosts.” The problem is that recently…last year or two…they tend to get stuck in my direct line of sight…where as I could never focus on them before. I have had all the eye drops and tests to determine that it is not macular degeneration…floaters can be caused by the eye separating from the retina…or anything serious, but I haven’t had a doctor properly explain the problem.

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