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Posted by Katie on August 30, 2011
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When a person sends your husband home with a whole bunch of tomatoes, I wish that person would also teach your husband how to cook…or send along a recipe.

Any ideas what to do?

Easter out west

Posted by Katie on August 29, 2011
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This is how Dave and I celebrated Easter earlier this year.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t as sacrilegious as it may seem.


Posted by Katie on August 28, 2011
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This photo has nothing to do with this blog post.  We went to the Chicago air show last weekend.

So, to keep up a blog.  I read an article recently that described blogging is a dying form of communication.  A bit funny for a form of communication which didn’t even exist not that long ago.  It seems Facebook makes single sentence updates so much easier.  I rather like the idea, however, of keeping the “more traditional” blog alive.

What can I say in the form of an update?  In all honesty, this year has been a bit odd.  Good things happened.  Bad things happened.  We mostly survived it all.  Let’s see what I can do to provide interesting details and not further contribute to the death of blogging.

Basil forest

Posted by Katie on August 21, 2011
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I grew a patio garden this summer.  Starting with basil seeds and a couple seedling trays resulted in a lot more plants than I thought it would!  I also have three tomato plants, but they haven’t grown quite as heartily as the basil has.

My harvest from last weekend included a whole bunch of basil.

I thew the basil into the food processor with garlic, pine nuts, cheese and olive oil, and we have enough pesto to last a very long time.  I divided it into small portions (the perfect size for pesto pizza) and froze most of it.

I think I’ll do a garden again next year, but maybe diversify my herbs a bit.

Baby Harrison

Posted by Katie on August 20, 2011
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Meet my new nephew and godson, Harrison.  He was born in May, and his baptism was in early July.  I need to travel to Arizona to see him again soon!  Before he’s all grown up.

Should I…

Posted by Katie on August 18, 2011
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  • Crash the blog and walk away from yet another creative project?
  • Or actually start posting again?