Posted by Katie on October 30, 2011

These 3,000 pieces are the reason we haven’t eaten at the dinner table since July.

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  • Greg & I both looked at the puzzle and said together, “…Wow.” The sky looks impossible. You have much more patience than I do. 🙂

  • I completely ran out of patience on the sky…which I started to work on first because the pieces were shiny and bright and obvious. Once all the blue pieces were in place, I walked away from it for a couple weeks and came back when I could enjoy the work again.

    Oh, and the best part…tearing it apart! I think those Tibetan monks who create sand art and then destroy it are onto something.

  • That’s amazing! The last puzzle I tried to do I ended up getting so frustrated at it that I threw it across the room. And it was just a puzzle of cute kittens….and fifteen pieces.

  • For some perspective, the top 7 rows of sky (from the very top to the first roof on the right edge) constitute over 500 pieces. This was a very challenging puzzle, although finishing it felt like a bigger accomplishment than any other puzzle I’ve done.

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