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This photo has nothing to do with this blog post.  We went to the Chicago air show last weekend.

So, to keep up a blog.  I read an article recently that described blogging is a dying form of communication.  A bit funny for a form of communication which didn’t even exist not that long ago.  It seems Facebook makes single sentence updates so much easier.  I rather like the idea, however, of keeping the “more traditional” blog alive.

What can I say in the form of an update?  In all honesty, this year has been a bit odd.  Good things happened.  Bad things happened.  We mostly survived it all.  Let’s see what I can do to provide interesting details and not further contribute to the death of blogging.


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Seems like this winter, these crazy jobs of ours and life in general have swallowed this blog…oops.  But it’s spring now in Chicago, and things are changing.  Let’s see if we can find something interesting to share.

Groundhog day 2011

Posted by Katie on February 02, 2011
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Come visit us in Chicago!!

We have a little bit of snow.

20.2 inches to be exact…the third largest accumulation of snow in Chicago history.  And with 70 mph winds and thundersnow (yes, this is real), last night was a bit scary.

This is what we woke up to this morning…more accurately, this is what Dave woke up to this morning.  The company I work for called a proper snow day.  And while Dave’s company also suggested that people remain safe and inside, he is in the middle of a production project that required his attendance this morning.

So he commuted to work in the snow this morning…while I stayed at home doing a bit of work and taking a proper snow day nap.

Uh, dear landlord…we need to talk about some insulation issues.  This was the scene in the foyer this morning.  The very strong wind blew snow through the door.

And while we’re at it, can we also talk about the purple walls please?  Never mind, actually, I don’t want to argue with Ukrainian interior decorating techniques.

This was the scene at all of our windows.

After Dave was able to leave work early today, we ventured out for a little snow day fun.  Yes, he is standing up in this picture.

This was pretty much the view around the city.

I put my ski garb to good use.

And made a good old fashioned snow angel.

After some persuasion, Dave joined in the fun.  Ultimately it was a fun day to goof off on a Wednesday and enjoy the snow.

Being tall is a significant advantage in deep snow.

Oops…someone lost a bumper.

Seriously, come visit us!


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Also in October weekend fun, we had lots of baby snuggles with our godson Daniel…

Our favorite Pickles stopped by for a couple nights as they made a grand road trip through the eastern half of the United States to see family and friends…with four kids.  Brave people, I tell you, very brave people!

I was a little worried about the fact that our apartment isn’t exactly kid proof…a cat with claws, chemicals under the sink and knives within reach of tiny hands…but we did survive injury free!

And fun was had by all.

The penguin slide finally got some serious love.

Katie learned to fly a helicopter…also known as a “hockerpocker” in some circles.

Miriam gave us a beautiful piano concert.

And adventures were had at the local playground…the one that I had walked by almost everyday for two years without venturing into.

What people say about how hard it is to get kids to smile in the same direction…it’s true.


Uncle Dave got to practice keeping small children alive.  See Dave, you can do it.

And Katie being silly.  Funny thing is I didn’t notice this shot until I started scrolling through the pictures today.

Good times!

It was wonderful to have the Pickles as our guests.  I only wish we lived closer, so that we could visit more often.

Everyone survived the weekend…with the kid unfriendly apartment, pointy cat and all.  The only one of us who was seriously traumatized was Moxie!  Oh, and quite possibly our downstairs neighbor, who I personally thank for not knocking on the door at 7 AM on Saturday to ask why we had suddenly adopted a really bouncy football team.


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Check out the Sears Willis Tower.

When Dave first came to Chicago to visit me in 2006…you know, back when we were “just friend”…we played tourists and visited the then Sears Tower.  We bought this awesome puzzle and stayed up all night finishing it.  I know, old and boring.  I get it.

We recently revisited the puzzle, but didn’t stay up all night this time.  We’re too old for that now.

Scroll over the image.  Dave gets the technology credit.

Old pictures of airplanes

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As I write, I can hear the planes over Chicago practicing for the Air & Water Show this weekend.

While I’m not able to see anything from my window, I do have pictures that we took from the show two years ago.  I can definitely identify one of these, maybe two.


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I don’t talk about work on this blog for an exceptionally good reason.  Remember when Dooce got, well “dooced”, for telling her work stories to the internet?  Yeah, well, my stories would beat up her stories any day…except I don’t want to get fired.  We need to pay the rent.

Anyhow, what I will tell you about my work is that we recently moved offices.  It was hectic and unorganized.  And after a full week and a half in our new space, we still do not have internet or phones.

Close eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Walk away from coworkers.

Through the move, lots of things were thrown out.  This is one of the things that I found in line for the dumpster…

A quick call to Michael (the guy with a pickup truck) and we are now the proud owners of fully restored 1904 VV-XI Victor Talking Machine.  It does have a few minor dents, but the mechanics seem to work perfectly.  I can’t quite test this theory, however, because it requires old 78 rpm records…of which I have none.

I have no idea what to do with it.  I simply didn’t have the heart to see such a beautiful piece thrown in the dumpster.

Chicago fireworks

Posted by Katie on July 05, 2010
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Why fight the crowds downtown to see the official fireworks when the neighborhood kids put on such a lovely illegal show?

Yay Chicago!


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One more stormy summer night in Chicago.

And one more rainbow.  This time from our back deck.

Are these things good luck?  Because we could use a little good luck.

Welcome home

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We were greeted with this view of the city as we returned from our trip last week. 

Once again, Dave was driving fast while I was snapping pictures.