Giant S

Posted by Katie on February 21, 2010
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While my sister Maggie stayed with us over New Year’s, we came up with the idea of doing craft projects for each other.   A bit silly, I’m well aware, but one trip to JoAnn Fabrics later and we had our ideas.  It turned out to be fun!

Maggie, who is an RA in her dorm at Ball State, got to go back to school with a giant glittery S, representing her last name.  While it looks cool and all, I’m under no delusion that the giant S won’t find it’s proper home in a college dorm either as a prop for a drinking game or as an accessory for a statue on campus somewhere.

Maggie took a much more practical approach to her craft and painted a birdhouse for our kitchen.   She didn’t have time to finish her project while she was in Chicago, but I hear there is a birdhouse in the mail.