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Posted by Katie on July 03, 2010
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I plan on making a digital scrapbook of all our pictures and souvenirs from our vacation, somewhat as a trial run for those wedding and honeymoon scrapbooks I have yet to make…oops.  But until the scrapbook happens, here are more pictures from our recent trip.

Niagara Falls!  We learned that 20% of the world’s fresh water resides in the Great Lakes…with most of it flowing over Niagara Falls.

Journey Behind the Falls.  Yes, we got wet.

Maid of the Mist.  We did take the boat voyage, which is pretty much just like an amusement park water ride.  And yes, we got wet here too.  That’s why I didn’t take any pictures from the boat.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a small town on Lake Ontario right at the point that the Niagara River joins the lake.  It was only a 30 minute drive to the falls, and it was nice to stay away from the tourist traps of the falls.  Plus it gave us the opportunity to explore the local area a bit more, including…

Visiting a winery.

Hiking along the Niagara River.

Biking along the Niagara River.  We are on Canadian soil, with the United States and Old Fort Niagara in the background.

We took lots of time to relax.

Enjoy nature.

And eat lots of gourmet food.  One of the best things about this bed and breakfast was the AMAZING breakfasts.

Vacation was a nice break from reality.  This summer is turning into a hectic one, but it was nice to do something to properly celebrate Dave’s birthday and two years of marriage.

Wait, TWO YEARS?  That doesn’t seem possible.

I know, I know, you’re thinking that you’ve been married for five years, or thirty-five years, but you probably knew what you were doing when you got married.  Dave and I have been completely winging it these last two years.  I’m sure it’s obvious!


Posted by Katie on March 20, 2010
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Speaking of my birthday and of drinking wine, I woke up on Wednesday morning to find a present at my front door.  My brother, Michael, had left me a bottle of wine, a plastic wine glass to drink on the go and a St. Patrick’s Day cookie.  And the gift came with clear permission to drink before work.  For the record, I didn’t actually drink wine before work, but I did love the surprise.

Dave and I celebrated my birthday night with a fancy dinner out.  I know it was St. Patrick’s Day and all, but I didn’t really feel like eating corned beef and cabbage or getting drunk on green beer with a bunch of wanna-be Irish.  Instead we headed to a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Mexique.  The food was fantastic, and apparently not many other people think of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Mexican French fusion food, so we had a quiet table to ourselves all evening.

So, here it is…32.  The number doesn’t bother me, it never really has.  It does, however, seem like I should be a mature and responsible adult by now.  Maybe that’s at 33.  Or maybe that only comes with kiddos.  Or maybe we should all just give up hope on that one!

#22 – Done

Posted by Katie on June 18, 2009
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#22 – Return to Whitewater, WI for our one year anniversary.

We have been married for a year.

Wait, what?  We have been married for a year???  But, when and HOW EXACTLY did that happen?  No, honestly, we don’t know what we’re doing!  I have nothing profound to say here.  Dave is a patient man.

But not yet mastering the art of married life did not stop us from a good celebration.  We celebrated both Dave’s 31st birthday and our first wedding anniversary this past weekend in style.  We returned to the place in Wisconsin where we got engaged over two years ago.

We stayed at the same B&B.


We took the same five mile hike where Dave proposed to me.


We were pleasantly surprised to see that the exact bench on which Dave asked me to marry him has since been appropriately graffitied.


We won the Wisconsin state lottery.  And then blew our winnings on another lottery ticket.


We enjoyed the nature.



And of course, I got Dave a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday, the only appropriate gift for a 31 year old man and his cat.


And we relaxed.  It was wonderful.

I has been a whirlwind first year of marriage, Dave.  Here’s to the second year being half as hectic and exactly as enjoyable!


Posted by Katie on March 23, 2009
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“Old” by Paul Simon

I celebrated my 31’st birthday last week.

Only a few very short years ago I would have counted a birthday a true success if it was celebrated with lots of friends and family, a few people I had never met before nor have seen since, prerequisite St. Patrick’s Day green on everyone invited to the party, lots of loud music and a smashing lot of Irish quality drinking.  I am being honest, here.  I did get to ride on a float in the Chicago South Side St. Patrick’s Day parade, you know?

This year was celebrated with a quiet evening out with Dave.  We had a wonderful preview of spring on my birthday.  And I couldn’t wait to spend a nice night out with my husband.

So, this is the 30’s, huh?  Celebrating good weather and a chance to talk with your spouse over a fancy dinner?  It’s pretty great actually.

I remember a few naysayers mentioning that in high school and college I should enjoy things while they lasted because “these are the best days of your life”.  Not so, my friends, not so.  The truth is that I am happier now than I ever remember being.  These days of being 30+ are pretty damn good so far.