Puzzle nerds

Posted by Katie on May 06, 2010
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I can’t count the number of times that I did this puzzle as a kid.  It was my favorite by far, and has seen a bit of wear and tear over the years.  Note the missing pieces and those which have been glued back together.  I recently found this puzzle when cleaning out boxes in my parents’ basement, and had to bring it back to life.

And I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn that Dave enjoys doing puzzles with me.  As Dave says, “Of course I like doing puzzles with you.  It’s something we can do together without talking all the time.”

Ok, I’ll take it.

How to write a memoir

Posted by Katie on April 18, 2010
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I recently read an autobiography written by Dave’s paternal grandfather.  The book, which I understand to be the first of three books which encompass his life, focused on his early married life.   His family self-published the book through the online publishing site,

I was not fortunate enough to meet Dave’s grandfather in this life.  And while I never met him in person, reading his words helped me to better understand not only the history of the man that I never met, but also his personality, his family and my husband.  It was fascinating for me to see glimpses of Dave in the words of his grandfather.

The tradition continues on Dave’s side of the family with his Nana, his maternal grandmother, who I have met on several occasions and hope to spend more time with in the future.  She also wrote her memoirs which I read last year.  Nana’s story focused on her childhood in Rudyard, Michigan.

Both of these stories gave me glimpses into a lifestyle which seems entirely foreign to me in modern times, although in light of human history it wasn’t all that long ago, and a great wealth of family history.

On my side of the family, I don’t know of anyone who as attempted such an autobiography.  I do know that my Mom’s two sisters have done quite a bit of research into the genealogy of the family, but that includes mostly names and dates.  And my Dad has boxes and boxes of old family pictures, but unfortunately a lot of them are of unidentified family and friends.

This all fits into my goals #58 (Start a project to scan, save and file all of the old pictures from both families) and #59 (Start a project to research and write down the stories and biographies from both families).  How do you properly document and store all of the family information (names, dates, pictures and stories) so that present and future family members have easy access to it?  And how do you encourage people to record family stories, both their own and the things they remember about past generations, so that your family history has more than just names and dates?

This seems such a big project, that I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.  I think it’s a project well worth the time and effort, I’m just not quite sure how to approach it.

Any ideas?  Do people in your family write their memoirs?  Have you used any type of online shared resource that allows various family members to contribute like  Or is the internet really the way to go when we’re talking about family sensitive information and creating records that will hopefully last for future generations?

I would love to hear how your family records information.

Christmas joy – circa 1985

Posted by Katie on August 16, 2009
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When I was a kid, this was one of my Christmas presents one year.  From my 7 year old perspective, it was just about the coolest thing ever.  And while I lost track of the original gift a long time ago, I have often wished that I still had it.

So you can imagine my surprise last Thursday when I came home from work to find this present on my doorstep.  My sister Amy found the penguin toy online and ordered it for me.  Awesome!

You’re the best Amy.  Thanks for the great gift.  Those sliding penguins still make me just as happy as they did in the ’80s!

Vintage love

Posted by Katie on February 12, 2009
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I was cleaning out old boxes a couple of weeks ago and I found this Valentine’s Day card that Dave gave me in college, a very long time ago.  It’s too bad that I had no idea that Artoo-Detoo equaled love way back then.

Happy Valentine’s Day!