Puzzle time

Posted by Katie on August 09, 2010
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This 1,000 piece M.C. Escher puzzle has consumed many of our waking hours over the last week, and has got Dave a bit flustered talking about relativity.

Note to self…color in jigsaw puzzles is horribly useful.

#22 – Done

Posted by Katie on June 18, 2009
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#22 – Return to Whitewater, WI for our one year anniversary.

We have been married for a year.

Wait, what?  We have been married for a year???  But, when and HOW EXACTLY did that happen?  No, honestly, we don’t know what we’re doing!  I have nothing profound to say here.  Dave is a patient man.

But not yet mastering the art of married life did not stop us from a good celebration.  We celebrated both Dave’s 31st birthday and our first wedding anniversary this past weekend in style.  We returned to the place in Wisconsin where we got engaged over two years ago.

We stayed at the same B&B.


We took the same five mile hike where Dave proposed to me.


We were pleasantly surprised to see that the exact bench on which Dave asked me to marry him has since been appropriately graffitied.


We won the Wisconsin state lottery.  And then blew our winnings on another lottery ticket.


We enjoyed the nature.



And of course, I got Dave a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday, the only appropriate gift for a 31 year old man and his cat.


And we relaxed.  It was wonderful.

I has been a whirlwind first year of marriage, Dave.  Here’s to the second year being half as hectic and exactly as enjoyable!

Moment of Zen

Posted by Katie on February 21, 2009
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In addition to my Nia class, which I continue to love, Love, LOVE, I have been taking an intro to yoga class on Monday evenings.   I have always been naturally flexible, so the stretching part of yoga is easy.  It is the strength and toning parts that kill me.  I have been shocked at how much of a workout this one hour intro class has been, or maybe I should just be shocked at how out of shape I am.

There are only a couple of girls in the class, so I have really received good instruction from the teacher.  And the breathing and relaxation aspects of yoga do wonders for my mental health.

Every Monday night I have the most peaceful, relaxing and restful night of sleep ever.  Every Tuesday morning I am so sore that I can hardly move.

Oh, and I took this photo at the Art Institute last weekend.  It is a sculpture of God Genesha, the Hindu Remover of Obstacles.  This piece is dated from the 9th or 10th century and is from Indonesia.

Lazy days

Posted by Katie on December 14, 2008
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Washington Beach

We spent our two week honeymoon in Washington State.  We highly recommend the views.  And the people.  And the food.  And the wine.  It was a great time for us to unwind from the wedding, spend quality time together and just relax.  It is a miracle that when you turn off your cell phone, do not set your alarm and forget about internet access you start doing things like talking to each other about nothing, reading novels for fun, doing puzzles, taking leisurely hikes, making new friends and driving just to see where you end up.

When is the next flight out?