Groundhog day 2011

Posted by Katie on February 02, 2011
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Come visit us in Chicago!!

We have a little bit of snow.

20.2 inches to be exact…the third largest accumulation of snow in Chicago history.  And with 70 mph winds and thundersnow (yes, this is real), last night was a bit scary.

This is what we woke up to this morning…more accurately, this is what Dave woke up to this morning.  The company I work for called a proper snow day.  And while Dave’s company also suggested that people remain safe and inside, he is in the middle of a production project that required his attendance this morning.

So he commuted to work in the snow this morning…while I stayed at home doing a bit of work and taking a proper snow day nap.

Uh, dear landlord…we need to talk about some insulation issues.  This was the scene in the foyer this morning.  The very strong wind blew snow through the door.

And while we’re at it, can we also talk about the purple walls please?  Never mind, actually, I don’t want to argue with Ukrainian interior decorating techniques.

This was the scene at all of our windows.

After Dave was able to leave work early today, we ventured out for a little snow day fun.  Yes, he is standing up in this picture.

This was pretty much the view around the city.

I put my ski garb to good use.

And made a good old fashioned snow angel.

After some persuasion, Dave joined in the fun.  Ultimately it was a fun day to goof off on a Wednesday and enjoy the snow.

Being tall is a significant advantage in deep snow.

Oops…someone lost a bumper.

Seriously, come visit us!

Winter blues

Posted by Katie on February 12, 2010
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While I am very thankful that we are not under snow house arrest like our very favorite East Coast relatives, I am ready for winter to be over.  It’s halfway through February, and that means March is next and that means spring is soon and, to be honest, I have found myself daydreaming about this a lot recently.  I actually shopped for new flip-flops online today.

It really hasn’t been that bad of a winter.  Sure, there has been snow and ice, but we live in Chicago.  I think I just kicked the winter off on a bad note with getting sick.  Even though exercising is good for my spirits, I have struggled to get back to yoga and Nia.  And it’s never fun walking home from work in the dark.

Anyhow, I don’t really have anything to complain about.  Girl just needs some Vitamin D.

And then we returned to Chicago

Posted by Katie on April 08, 2009
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See all of that white stuff in the air?  It is not a blanket of spring flowers, but %*$&^#@ SNOW!

This was the scene we returned to in Chicago on Sunday evening.  Yes, Sunday was in April.  It is sad.  I know.

At least all of the tourists will know exactly how to reach Oprah.

Snow day

Posted by Katie on January 10, 2009
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We called a snow day today in Chicago.

I sure do wish we had storage for the bikes.

Change of plans

Posted by Katie on December 25, 2008
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Dave and I spent Christmas Eve in the ER.  We had the presents wrapped, the car packed and we were walking out the door to drive to my parent’s house.  Dave fell on the ice.  He heard a crack.  We drove to the hospital.

The good news is that there are no broken bones.  The doctors were worried about a contusion and put Dave’s arm in a full temporary cast.  We are going to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow for a follow up appointment.

The other good news is that we have had a very quiet and very relaxing first Christmas alone together.

Chinese take out anyone?

Ice ice baby

Posted by Katie on December 14, 2008
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Mount Rainier Glacier

Dave and I checked out the mountain views on our honeymoon.  This is what a glacier on top of Mount Rainier looks like…in June.  Very similar, actually, to what my walk to the train in Chicago looks like…in December.