#84 – Done

Posted by Katie on October 30, 2010
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#84 – Every work night, be in bed by 11 PM (1 month).

Of all the things on my list, this is the one that I almost crossed off because I just knew that it would never ever really actually happen.  Well, I was wrong, it did happen.  And it didn’t even take any discipline on my part, it just coincided exactly with the first month of my new job!  I assume that parenthood has a similar effect.

The job is going well!  Keeping me busy.  I have some really good projects to work on.  I’m starting to do a couple days a week downtown, which makes work/life balance a lot easier.  The idea is that I will have a permanent office downtown by the first of the year, making the commute to the burbs the exception, not the daily routine.

In addition to the new job, October has been a great month for fun weekends.  I have lots of pictures to share of recent events, and have a whole free weekend to do whatever I want.  Updates to come.

#85 – Done

Posted by Katie on October 03, 2010
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#85 – Get a facial at a spa.

Before I started my new job last Monday, I used up some of my credit at the fitness studio (which also has a spa)  for a facial.  Well worth it, but I have to confess that I was so nervous about starting the new job that I never fully relaxed at all that previous week.  The facial did help though.

So, one week into the new job.  Things are good.  The job itself is great.  I’m learning the new systems and new processes.  I like the people, and they seem to tolerate me.  Most importantly, however, I seem to be properly navigating office politics and have already been assigned two big projects.  Turns out they want me to earn my paycheck.  Crazy!

One thing that we knew would be required when I took this job, however, is that I commute to the burbs for a while.  Dave and I carefully discussed this, and agreed that it was well worth the sacrifice.  Once I start to fully grasp the business and establish rapport with the partners, I can work remotely in the office downtown.  But until that time,  I now wake up at 5:30 AM every morning and sit in construction traffic for 2 – 3 hours every day.

I know, millions of Americans do this every single day.  I have a good job.  I have absolutely no room to complain.  So I won’t.  I will just lovingly reminisce about my old commute.   Oh, for the alarm to go off at the purely civilized hour of 7 AM.  Oh, to hit snooze a bunch.  Oh, to walk a mile and then ride the train for exactly 7 minutes.  Oh, for my coworkers to not notice, let alone care, when I finally walked through the door.  Those were the days!

Oh right, but the company didn’t have any business.  Now I remember!

With the new schedule comes new discipline in our daily lives.  This has actually been good for us this last week, and I hope it will continue to be.  I do, however, need to find new and creative ways of getting chores done.  I’ve noted especially this first week that I can’t afford a trip to the grocery store every night before dinner.  I need to start planning ahead a bit better.

And I have had absolutely no trouble falling asleep at our new target 10 PM bedtime.  I told you we’re getting old!