Help me out here

Posted by Katie on December 20, 2008
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I would be horribly remiss if after all these honeymoon posts I did not share a picture of Dave (almost) clean-shaven.  Dave and I have known each other for some ten plus years.  We were friends in college and kept in touch over the years, only to start dating in 2006.  I have always known him to have facial hair.  He says that a goatee makes him look “older” and “well distinguished”.  And although Dave swears that he was clean-shaven for a short period of time in college, I don’t remember what he looked like back then.

I wanted him to shave.

As the story goes, he promised to shave for our wedding if I watched every single episode of Star Wars.  As you can see from the previous wedding post, I did not complete this task.  Actually this epic quest for a clean-shaven groom came to an end right as the Episode 4 original VHS tape came to an end.

I married him anyway.  He married me anyway!  And he shaved for the honeymoon…and only the honeymoon.

Surely I can get enough support from the new readers of this blog to convince Dave to do it one more time?

Don’t litter

Posted by Katie on December 18, 2008
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Sign - Litter and it will hurt

If you plan on visiting Washington State, you should be on your very greenest behavior.  I am scared of what would happen otherwise.

Lazy days

Posted by Katie on December 14, 2008
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Washington Beach

We spent our two week honeymoon in Washington State.  We highly recommend the views.  And the people.  And the food.  And the wine.  It was a great time for us to unwind from the wedding, spend quality time together and just relax.  It is a miracle that when you turn off your cell phone, do not set your alarm and forget about internet access you start doing things like talking to each other about nothing, reading novels for fun, doing puzzles, taking leisurely hikes, making new friends and driving just to see where you end up.

When is the next flight out?

Ice ice baby

Posted by Katie on December 14, 2008
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Mount Rainier Glacier

Dave and I checked out the mountain views on our honeymoon.  This is what a glacier on top of Mount Rainier looks like…in June.  Very similar, actually, to what my walk to the train in Chicago looks like…in December.